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All units available in both 110 and 220 volt models

The R20 is a single 20 lb commercial
grade tumbler. It offers superior
high-volume finishing results for both
stone and metal. Rugged, quiet, and
built to last. The inside liners are
made of neoprene rubber for extra
life. The steel barrel is 6- sided for
fast, effective tumbling action.

The complete "c" model comes
with 20 lb barrel, drive belt guard,
idler belt guard, 1/3 hp safety motor
with thermal overload protection
cord and switch.

Shipping weight R20C 66 lbs




 R20 replacement barrel #021-97 ( shipping weight 21lbs )   $225.00
 R20 replacement barrel liner #240-07   $97.00
 R20 replacement lid gasket #240-17   $19.00

The R40 is identical in every way
to the R20 except in size. The R40
is a roomy 40 lb tumbler which
comes in both the complete and
basic models.

Shipping weight R40C 78 lbs



 R40 replacement barrel #021-98 ( shipping weight 28lbs )   $285.00
 R40 replacement barrel liner #240-08   $124.00
 R40 replacement lid gasket #240-18   $19.00

R20 and R40 "ADD-A-Units"

Increase tumbling volume, decrease time and save money with the special feature of the "Add-a-Unit" frames for either the R20's and R40's. With this special frame you can couple and operate up to 2 more units for each "complete" unit you have for a total of 3 units running off of one motor. They are packaged in 2 boxes.
 R20 Add-A-Unit #010-91 - (14" X 16" shipping wt 40 lbs)   $420.00
 R40 Add-A-Unit #010-96 - (19" X 16" shipping wt 51 lbs)   $500.00

Optional Accessories for R20's & R40's

 Drive belt guard for both R20 & R40 #010-97   $35.00
 Idler belt guard for both R20 & R40 #010-98   $19.50
 Multiple unit couplings ( 2 unit ) #216-82   $10.00
Commercial Vibratory
Non-Commercial Rock
Non-Commercial Vibratory

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