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This is our "little Sphere Maker" which will make
gemstone spheres from 1/4" to 1 inch in size.

It features:
* Dual 1/18 HP, 110v Motor
*Automatic Grit Application
*Spring Loaded Cutting Heads
*Cutting Angle Adjustment

The downward slanted cutter cups and shaft run the sphere in a bath of grit which eliminates the need to constantly dab grit on with a brush. It also causes the grit slurry to run away from the bearings. The angle of the cutting cups can be increased as the rough corners grind off. Both heads are spring loaded, so that continuous adjustment is unnecessary.

The unit comes complete with the above features, 1 grit pan, instructions, guarantee and a CHOICE of one pair of 1/4", 3/8", 5/8", or 7/8" cups. Machine size is 16" long by 8" wide by 8" high.

 Model No. 382 Little Sphere Maker  $525.00
 #C1- 1/4" cup pair  
 #C2 - 3/8" cup pair  
 #C3 - 5/8" cup pair  
 #C4 - 7/8" cup pair  

This unit has all the clicks and whistles as our
Little sphere maker with the added feature of
creating larger spheres. Will make from 1-1/4"
up to NINE INCH spheres!

It features:
*Dual 1/3 HP, 110v Motor
*Automatic Grit Application
*Spring Loaded Cutting Heads
*Cutting Angle Adjustment
*Shielded Arbor Shafts and Bearings
*Large Metal Cabinet with Shelf

This item comes complete with the above features, 2 polishing buffs, 2 grit pans, instructions, guarantee, and a CHOICE of one pair of cutting cups. State size when ordering.

 Model No. 381 Large Sphere Maker  
 1" Cutter Cups [cuts 1 1/4" to 2"] Ship wt. 3 lbs., pair.  
 1 1/2" Cutter Cups [cuts 2" to 3"] Ship wt. 4 lb., pair.  
 2 1/2" Cutter Cups [cuts 3" to 5"] Ship wt. 5 lbs., pair.  
 3 3/4" Cutter Cups [cuts 5" to 7"] Ship wt. 9 lbs., pair.  
 4 5/8" Cutter Cups [cuts 7" to 9"] Ship wt. 12 lbs., pair.  

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